24-26 November / 1-3 December: HyperCube at Spazio Casa with Design Market

During the last weekend of November and the first of December, HyperCube will be present in the Design Market area at SpazioCasa fair in Vicenza.
Design Market is a space dedicated to independent exhibitors, small brands, designers and artisans that also includes a series of workshops and activities. The program, very dense, can be downloaded at this page: SpazioCasa: Design Market
This year HyperCube proposes itself as a project of high design, with a strong innovative drive and with high technical and qualitative contents from the constructive point of view. At the Design Market at the fair in Vicenza it will be possible to appreciate a selection of the elements that make HyperCube a unique product.
You can find us at:

SPAZIOCASA - Fiera di Vicenza

November 24-26 / December 1-3

at the Design Market area

website: www.spaziocasafiera.it



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