About Us

Cube 3 was born from Michele Salvato's experience and numerous collaborations with young designers.

Cube 3 aims to create innovative products that reflect modernity, respecting the harmony of forms and the nature of materials to satisfy the contemporary taste of the most sophisticated and attentive customers.

Cube 3 offers a product made by the most modern technologies and at the same time hand finished by expert craftsmen. A completely customizable project that each customer can make unique.

Cube 3 : a connection between craftsmanship and technology

Michele Salvato presents a project born from an idea of Laura Longhi and Marco Poli's studio LAMAA and realized by CFM.

HYPERCUBE is a modular system for the living area, whose key points are modularity and flexibility; a single modular system where functionality, technology and design are integrated.

The modules can be composed with maximum freedom, creating infinite combinations that can be modified over time by the users themselves.

HYPERCUBE thus responds to the dynamics of contemporary living, lives and lives again following the changing needs, contexts and environments in which it is placed.

This flexible modular system is composed of steel or wood units. Some modules can integrate technological elements, such as a wireless charging system and speakers.



For any information about Cube 3, you can contact us by phone at +39 049 559 9427 or continue to the contact page.


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