Finishes and Materials



Anthracite coating, it is composed of a polyester powder coating that is used in particular for the coating of metals both in architectural and industrial environments and guarantees excellent resistance to chemical and weathering agents, protected by Qualicoa warranty.


Black Chrome

Black chrome compared to polished chrome is more resistant to abrasion and does not oxidize on the surface, so painting is not required as a final protective treatment.


Copper Bronze

It is our exclusive finish, given by a galvanic treatment that undergoes a special grinding process to obtain a refined chromatic effect.



Shiny 24 carat gold applied by galvanic bath.


Marble Marquina

Nero Marquina is a deep, fine-grained black marble with white fossil veins. It owes its name to the city from which it comes, Marquina, located about fifty kilometers from Bilbao.

Among the natural stones coming from Spain, black Marquina marble is certainly the most famous and most used.

Marquina black marble is mainly used in interior decoration, it is mostly found as a furnishing accessory for furniture or design objects. This makes it a very refined marble that is often used for the most luxurious projects.


Travertine marble

Marble used since Roman and Etruscan times, present in many architectural works. It is a refined marble that gives modern architecture an unmistakable elegance.


Dark Grey Glass

Dark Grey darkened glass is a refined glass, the result of special processing. Its dark color distinguishes it from classic clear glass and makes it an increasingly contemporary element.


Natural durmast wood

Natural durmast wood veneered with wax finish.